About Team Asturia

Asturia is a social entrepreneurship created with the idea that "Fashion and Social Change Go Together! Asturia's mission is to provide educational tools to low-income children and their communities in South America.  Asturia, in partnership with non profit organizations offer school kits (school supplies for the academic year) to children in need from groups identified by us and our partner foundations.  Each piece of clothing that the customer purchases generates a purchase with high social impact. 

The children we'll be helping are met through partnerships with non-profit organizations that target this fragile social group.  Asturia has teamed up with the Smile Education Foundation. This non profit organization, founded and based out of Oklahoma, has a great track record of helping the impoverished children populations of South America.

Asturia, is aware of the flaws in the economic and educational systems that children face around the world; this is why we continuously look for new partnerships with non profit entities, with the purpose of expanding their labor to other populations and creating a culture of social change and aid.  

Through our mission and that of our partners, Asturia doesn't want you to just purchase our apparel, we want you to identify with our brand, love fashion and feel incredible in each what you wear.  Confidence, hope, happiness and love are all things we hope to project onto you and the future of our world.  This should add a new meaning to the familiar saying "feeling good in what you wear".  Kids are the world’s future, let’s help them reach their dreams and goals! 

Should you have any questions/comments feel free to write us at support@asturiafashion.com

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To learn more about our first partner foundation, go to www.smilef.org