Rionegro 2016 Field of Dreams

Hi y'all! Here's the latest from our activities in 2016!

The Smile Education Foundation and Asturia Fashion joint-education project was a total success!  Another 90 children received assistance with the help of over 20 volunteers led by members of the Smile Education Foundation (formerly Smile Colombia) and the Asturia Fashion team. This was the second running of our projects in Rionegro, Santander, and we assisted another 5 schools, bringing our total to 9 schools so far!!! Thanks to you all!

90 elementary school children received school supplies for their academic year, education and health seminars, eye exams and like last year, tons of love from our teams.  The 5 different schools they attend also received sports equipment like soccer balls and training gear, additionally music instruments were donated to the schools.  Finally, another school of this district will be given a paid music teacher whose job over the next 12 months will be to introduce the children to the wonderful world of music as well as to the arts.  She is teaching the children the need to recycle and their varied use. 

Please continue to share this amazing story with your friends and don't forget - Dare to inspire and #DareToDream