Smile Rionegro 2016 Starts


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You too can help, for every shirt you buy, we will assist SEF in their mission of providing the children of the Rionegro community with the educational tools they need to succeed. 

The goal is to raise enough funds to implement the Smile Rionegro 2016 project ( a continuation of Rionegro 2015), a sustainable development that will directly impact the lives of 85 kids, their families, and the local community.  During last year's effort, we helped 5 of the 15 schools in the Rionegro municipality, this next project will focus on the next set of 5 schools.  The children who will benefit from this social project live in very low-income families of the Rionegro community; many of which live in small farms in the surrounding hills of the town of Portachuelo without access to proper education. For this reason, Smile Rionegro 2016 will focus on education and the improvement of the children’s wellbeing through participation in the arts, sports, health aid and culture enriching seminars.

The funds provided will cover the following:

  • EDUCATION: Books and school material for the 2016 academic year. The donation will be based on specific academic requirements and each child’s school year.
  • ARTS: Musical instruments, and a paid music teacher for the 2016 academic year. For the first time, the kids of the Rionegro community will receive musical instruments and  weekly classes from a music teacher that will train them in the arts and help them acquire other skill sets associated with music learning: language development, higher IQ, larger neural activity, discipline, etc.
  • HEALTH: Optometrist and eye examination, along with prescription glasses should the child have the need and finally dental seminars. It has been proven that lack of eye care mirrors poor academic learning and performance
  • SPORTS:  The schools will receive sports equipment as well as a detailed sports after school plan developed by a physical education professional which will be implemented by the school's staff.  This will help foster teamwork basics, exercise and an overall health awareness in each child.    

Go to to review last year's project and for other donation opportunities.